• Adapter for Volvo XC90 MK1

The Symbol : UR48127

Brake caliper adapter for Volvo XC90 MK1

Adapter + mounting screws
Brake disc
336x30mm [Volvo XC90]
Volvo XC90
Structure Duralumin / magnesium aluminum
Finishing Anodized
Net weight 460g
Brake caliper 4-piston BIG BREMBO [Alfa Romeo 159/Brera + Megane 3 RS], 4-piston BREMBO [Alfa Romeo Giulia]
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Brake caliper adapters, dedicated to Volvo XC90 MK1. The adapters enable the installation of a 4-piston caliper [Alfa Romeo 159/Brera + Megane 3RS/4RS] BIG BREMBO on a 336x30mm disc [Volvo XC90].

The 336x30mm disc [Volvo XC90] combined with the 4-piston caliper [Alfa Romeo 159/Brera + Megane 3RS/4RS] BIG BREMBO allows you to obtain high and repeatable braking power.

Vehicle axle: front

Brake disc: 30657301

The adapters are made of high-quality duralumin / magnesium aluminum, which provides them with low own weight (including low unsprung mass), combined with high mechanical strength comparable to steel.

The adapters are anodized for anti-corrosion protection.

Depending on the rim model used, it may be necessary to use spacer rings - this depends on the rim's ET parameter.

Brake cables:

To make full use of the modification consisting in replacing the brake calipers with more effective ones, it is also worth taking care of the brake lines and replacing them with steel-braided lines.

If you change to a larger brake disc diameter, it is worth ordering longer brake lines. Their length should be adequate to the difference in the radius of the brake disc. For example, if the old brake disc has a diameter of 300mm, its radius is 150mm. The new brake disc has a diameter of 330mm, so its radius is 165mm. In this way, we obtain a difference in the radius of the brake disc of 15 mm. New brake lines should be longer by this minimum value.

Brake pads:

When installing brake discs with a thickness of 30 mm, it is recommended to use brake pads with a height of 15-15.4 mm (standard pads are 16 mm high).


1. What material are the brake caliper adapters made of?

- Brake caliper adapters are made of magnesium aluminum, which is widely used in motorsport. It is characterized by high mechanical strength, comparable to steel, and low own weight, which is 70% lower than steel.

2. Are the brake caliper adapters painted?

- No, brake caliper adapters are not painted for safety reasons.

3. Are the brake caliper adapters corrosion resistant?

- Yes, the brake caliper adapters are anodized to protect against corrosion.

4. What does the net weight given in the description mean?

- The specified net weight determines the weight of the brake caliper adapter itself without mounting screws, which is a constant value.

5. Are the brake caliper adapters approved?

- Brake caliper adapters are a group of products referred to as "racing use only". Their use in road cars is regulated by national/local law.

6. Are mounting screws included with the brake caliper adapters?

- Yes, brake caliper adapters always include mounting screws to screw the adapter to the steering knuckle and the brake caliper to the adapter. In addition, optionally, if required, there are centering rings for the brake discs.

7. Can I order additional services when purchasing brake caliper adapters?

- In addition to the sale of brake caliper adapters, after prior delivery, it is possible to provide additional services, including: milling brake calipers, machining brake discs (turning centering holes, drilling mounting holes, etc.)

8. What torque should be used to tighten the mounting screws?

- The torque values with which the mounting screws of the brake caliper adapters should be tightened are always given on the screw packaging included in the set.


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More questions?