• Gearbox WFJ6E for Hyundai IX35 1.7 CRDI

The Symbol : WFJ6E

Regenerated manual gearbox with 100% warranty

Car brand Hyundai
Model IX35
Engine 1.7 CRDI
Gears 6
Cashback 250 EUR
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Shipping within 48 hours
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Call for order: + 48 534 542 835

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The gearbox was regenerated by the following operations:

  • chemical washing of all elements
  • replacement of all bearings
  • replacement of all sealants, gaskets, sealing rings
  • replacement of all rivets on the differential (only in models suffering from this defect)
  • replacement of all damaged parts or parts that show wear (synchronizers, pinions, etc.)
  • finally painting

Gearbox regenerated in a proper way are practically comparable to new gearboxes.


We issue a 12 month written guarantee for all our gearboxes


Together with the gearbox, free oil is added for the first start.

Gearbox code

If in doubt, always consult the gearbox code with your mechanic or with our technicians who are at your disposal without obligation via e-mail or whatsapp chat.

Before contacting, prepare the chassis number of the car (VIN number) because it is usually essential to verify the exact code of the gearbox. You will find the chassis number in the vehicle registration documents.

Before purchasing

Check the gearbox code and also read other sections of this description: cashback section on how to proceed to return the broken gearbox and receive a refund, and the FAQ section with the most frequently asked questions.

Have you installed our gearbox and don't know what to do with the broken gearbox?

You can leave this issue to us and get a cashback refund!

Q: OK, but do I have to pay for the shipping?
A: No, the shipping is at our expense. Just write us a message and from now on we will guide you step by step. You will receive by e-mail a pre-paid shipping label to be attached directly to the package. The courier will take care of the rest.

Q: How should I pack the gearbox?
A: The broken gearbox must, of course, be drained of oil and then packed in the box in which you received our gearbox.

Q: My broken gearbox was taken apart for inspection. Do I have to put it back before shipping it?
A: There's no need. One day we will take it apart anyway :) You can ship it as it is as long as there are no pieces missing.

Q: How much will you pay me for the broken gearbox?
A: The cashback amount varies depending on the model and is always specified on the product page.

Q: My gearbox was hit by a meteorite, has a big hole in the box and is butchered inside. I'm afraid you will refuse to pay me the cashback.
A: A broken gearbox is a broken gearbox. Some are broken more, others less. Don't worry - You will receive full cashback payment despite the gearbox status.

Q: When will I get the money?
A: Within 48 hours from the moment when the parcel with the damaged box reaches our workshop. Usually it is about 6 business days after shipping.

Q: Are there exceptions to the availability of the cashback service?
A: Due to high shipping costs, the service is not available for gearboxes sent to the following countries: UK, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Cyprus

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I really have to return my old gearbox?
A: There is no such obligation. You just won't get any cashback in this case. But with you old gearbox you can make a coffee table. Or a wash basin. Or both.

Q: When do I need to change the oil?
A: The oil for the first filling you will receive from us together with the gearbox. After the first 1000 km it should be replaced with the appropriate one recommended by the manufacturer. Next changes as per the instructions (usually every 60,000 km)

Q: I wish my car was more economical on the highway. Can you help something?
A: In some gearboxes it is possible to change gears. Contact us to see what we can offer in your case.


+ 48 534 542 835

More questions?


More questions?