Advantages of reconditioning gearboxes


Gearbox repair or replacement can be very costly. In order for the gear to serve us for many years, it must be carefully looked after. Unfortunately, after some time of using the vehicle, each gearbox simply wears out. Defects and defects in its components may lead to serious failures. However, there is a way to look after the gearbox and ensure a long service life.

What is gearbox regeneration?

There is a significant difference between repairing a gearbox and regenerating it. Repair only involves replacing damaged gear components. Regeneration is a process in which the gearbox is restored to its original condition after a comprehensive overhaul. It consists in the initial disassembly of the transmission into its first parts in order to examine the actual condition of each of its elements. Then all damaged and worn parts are replaced. In addition, the gear regeneration process provides for adjustment of play, replacement of quickly wearing parts, regardless of their condition, and restoration of external parts, including washing, painting and maintenance of the gearbox.

Advantages of gearbox regeneration

Gear regeneration is a guarantee of reliability of its operation and an investment for many years. By taking care of the gearbox in this way, we reduce the risk of its serious damage, which is associated with high repair costs. Not to mention the cost of replacing the entire transmission. Regeneration minimizes the possibility of serious failures. This extremely cost-effective solution extends the life of the gearbox and significantly improves its efficiency. Thanks to the regeneration of the transmission, it is possible to remove any defects, damage and other defects that affect the comfort of driving. This procedure is an ideal solution for owners of older car models, because in the event of faults and breakdowns, finding a new gearbox may turn out to be a very difficult task. In addition, the treatment restores the aesthetic appearance of the gearbox and may turn out to be a great idea for people who plan to sell the vehicle.