Have you installed our gearbox and don't know what to do with the broken gearbox?

You can leave this issue to us and get a cashback refund!

Q: OK, but do I have to pay for the shipping?
A: No, the shipping is at our expense. Just write us a message and from now on we will guide you step by step. You will receive by e-mail a pre-paid shipping label to be attached directly to the package. The courier will take care of the rest.

Q: How should I pack the gearbox?
A: The broken gearbox must obviously be oil free, packed in a fairly regular and well protected cardboard box. You can also use our plastic packaging.

Q: My broken gearbox was taken apart for inspection. Do I have to put it back before shipping it?
A: There's no need. One day we will take it apart anyway :) You can ship it as it is as long as there are no pieces missing.

Q: How much will you pay me for the broken gearbox?
A: The cashback amount varies depending on the model and is always specified on the product page.

Q: My gearbox was hit by a meteorite, has a big hole in the box and is butchered inside. I'm afraid you will refuse to pay me the cashback.
A: A broken gearbox is a broken gearbox. Some are broken more, others less. Don't worry - You will receive full cashback payment despite the gearbox status.

Q: When will I get the money?
A: Within 48 hours from the moment when the parcel with the damaged box reaches our workshop. Usually it is about 6 business days after shipping.